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Catbuilder, database publishing software for smart companies

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Catbuilder is a powerful software that manages your data and uses it to automatically generate all your commercial documents related to your products.

Among other things, you can generate catalogs, promotion folders, prices, technical sheets, personalized offers... even labels. You can manage several languages, several currencies and prices, several graphic charters and combine all this according to your needs and generate as many catalog versions as you want.



Catbuilder can be used alone, as an extension of your ERP, CMS, DAM and PIM or simply coupled with files from suppliers. The data, pictures, prices, descriptions are extracted from your data management tool or can be directly encoded in Catbuilder.
We have developed ODBC, webservice, XML feed or structured file connectors... to deal with all scenarios.




Once acquired, your data will be processed in Catbuilder, which will merge them with layouts predefined by your internal users and generate your catalog from A to Z.
All you have to do is save the set and choose the distribution you prefer: in the form of a PDF document for your printer, for in-house printing or electronic distribution in the "flip book" style.




Once checked, read and reread for your catalogs, your data is impeccable and worth gold. Catbuilder offers many possibilities for reusing this data. Catbuilder then becomes the data source for your online catalog or your mobile applications. An ultra configurable publication module has been developed for this purpose.


Our philosophy

Within everyone's reach

Catbuilder's admin interface is simple to use, no graphic design tools skills needed. Once trained, users are autonomous.

Highly configurable

Catbuilder is so configurable that you can even generate a specific catalog for each important customer, with its own references, its specific price and its graphic charter.

Just in time

A last-minute change to make, a change in price? No problem, you simply encode the changes in Catbuilder, then you regenerate your document.



Several plugin-type extension modules are added to the central core of Catbuilder to provide even more specialization and automation.
Import module, prepress, publication, PDF annotation, PIM plugin, ETIM, Prestashop, Magento, Odoo, Akeneo..


Catbuilder Showcase is a web solution to put your catalogs online for your B2B customers. Catbuilder directly publishes the content of the catalog, thus guaranteeing unparalleled reliability of the information presented online. With each product presented in your online catalog you can associate technical data sheets, safety data sheets or user manuals in PDF format. These can be downloaded and printed by your customers.


We develop apps that give your salesforce and customers even more productivity with your data. For example, we have created Appro 7/24 to enable quick order entry and we have made several personalized versions for our customer.

We also made Cat 7/24, an app that allows you to transform PDF files generated by Catbuilder into digital offline shops.

The service


Actively listening to our customers and their requests allows us to continuously improve Catbuilder. Updates are published regularly to enrich the functionalities of the tool.

Technical support

A technical support service is also offered. A remote control of your workstation is set up if necessary.


We have been working in the database publishing business for over 25 years, if you need an expert to boost your work, we are here to help you.


What our customers are able to achieve with Catbuilder...

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